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One of the most trusted and reliable web hosting providers in the market is A2 hosting. With the fastest servers and strong uptime, A2 hosting is budget-friendly as well as secure. A2 hosting provides the users the high power hosting with the Guru crew support team – the experienced IT professionals. The support staff is available for the users all round the clock. A2 hosting even gives SSD turbo servers to the premium hosting plan as well as shared hosting plans. It’s just amazing to have that. The servers of A2 hosting show 20 times faster speed than any non-SSD server. Speed is always the most talked feature about of A2 hosting. There is no doubt that A2 hosting excels in it but it has lots of other features. Let us look at the features of the web hosting platform. We will discuss the pro that we get with the A2 hosting package.

Why A2 Hosting: The Fastest Loading Speed

The most popular praise for A2 hosting is their superfast server speed. The average loading speed is 285 ms. The good news is that it gets even better. A2 Hosting is only second to the digital ocean ( 268 ms loading speed) among the other 40 web hosts in the market. The SSD turbo servers developed by It gurus load pages way faster. The in-built cache system also helps to load pages faster.

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A2 Hosting: Security:

The main concern we all have for web hosting is security. Online businesses and websites easily fall prey to fraud and alien threats. So we want the best security for our websites and blogs to never encounter such safety issues and face loss in our business. It comes with a 24/ 7 server monitoring and malware scanning system. The firewalls and layers of encryption protect the sites from hackers and DDoS attacks.

“Hack Scan” scans your websites for malware and other attacks around the clock. With all the high-level security patches and encryptions, we often see web hosting platforms slow down.

A2 Hosting is a different nut. It gives us the best web hosting service along with additional security features.

DDoS attacks make the server traffic heavy and knock out a site. The data centers of A2 hosting are scanned regularly to protect us from distributed denial of service attacks.

In short, you can be sure A2 hosting is ready for you to handle sudden traffic spikes and other security issues.

Guaranteed Uptime with A2 Hosting

Users themselves claim that A2 hosting is extremely reliable. Reviews and tweets sing songs in the praise of the performance and amazing uptime of the web hosting platform. The web hosts promise the users 99.9% of uptime and live up to it. In some months, we even recorded 100% uptime with A2 servers. The average annual downtime of the servers of A2 hosting is a little more than 2 hours.

The top-quality tools and SSD servers ensure the super-fast performance and smooth functioning of websites. Some issues like distributed denial of services, browser caching and ISPs are common.

A2 hosting specifies it to customers to go through maintenance checkups and regular upgrades before reporting such issues. Most of the time proper maintenance and installation of updates do the trick.

Free SSL Certificates are another Reason

A2 hosting offers added layers of basic SSL certificates for free in all their hosting plans.
But do you know what SSL is? Why is it so important?

To answer that let us start with the term SSL. SSL chance for Secure Socket Layer. It is generally a security feature with encryptions.

In this web world, it is very important to protect our data from alien parties and frauds. SSL makes sure that data is not entered, accepted, or read by an unknown person.

The set of rules or instructions (SSL) that binds your server and user browser while sending or receiving any data.

SSL certificate identifies the organization or party with the domain name, server, and hostname.

It makes sure of the originality of the person or organization with whom you share files. It is a necessity to make your site secure.

SSL certificates determine whether a website is HTTPS or not. HTTPS ensures extra security to a site. SSL certificates have more advantages-

Google ranks the websites with SSL certificates at the top of their search engine system. As a result the ranking of your side increases.

Your customers trust your site more thus marking more views on your website and engaging more business.

A2 hosting provides many options on SSL certificates.

You can choose from them depending upon your website needs. You can even get an option to choose advanced SSL certificates from the c-panel.

Solid State Drives

A2 hosting offers solid-state drives (SSD) in all the hosting plans. The SSD gives a far better performance than any other hard disk. It enhances the speed of the servers and loads pages real quick. The SSD boosts the loading speed by 300%. Stats list the average loading time of a page is 1.9 seconds with A2 hosting.

Free Site Migration

You can move your site to A2 hosting free of cost. Many web hosting platforms charge you for the service. A2 hosting does free migration of sites (1-25) depending on the hosting plan without any extra charge.

For shared hosting plans, if you want to migrate various websites, A2 hosting charges $10 for each site migration.

On the other hand, if you are a member of dedicated or managed VPS hosting plans, you can get 25 site migrations for free.

All you need to do, for easy site migration, is reach out to the customer support team with your c-panel account details.

The customer support staff takes care of everything after that you do not need to worry about anything. Thus, you can get free site migrations very easily without any fuss.

Content Management Systems (CMS) and other Advanced Developer Tools

Some web hosting providers like WP engine work effortlessly on only WordPress sites. A2 Hosting works brilliantly and efficiently in all Content Management Systems.

You can have WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCast, and Jamula with one-click installations. This is a big bonus for the customers of A2 web hosting providers.

A2 hosting aims at being user-friendly. The web hosting platform comes with auto plugins. You get the latest versions and instant access to the updated new versions with A2 hosting service for the ease of the customer’s a2hosting looks after the overall management.

You do not need to physically download updates. You just need to check for the upgrades and install them. Another advantage of A2 Hosting is that it comes with Cloud support.

RAID 10 Storage

RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disks. A2 hosting offers RAID 10 Storage. It basically stores all the information in various hard drives.

It makes sure no data is lost even if the device has some problem. The lost data gets saved in another drive. This unique backup feature makes A2 hosting more reliable.

Cloudflare CDN

The Cloudflare CDN, Content Delivery Network, helps to reduce the load on websites. A2 hosting has CDN services across the globe.

The CDN serves the content from the nearest geographical server to the user’s destination.

This way the server load is reduced and the loading time of the websites increases.

A2 hosting offers Cloudflare CDN services free of cost to all the users of the web hosting service.


A2 hosting has a C panel that helps the user to solve their problems themselves. Tutorials, various videos, and frequently asked questions are all available on the c panel. You can go there and get all the help you need.

The G.I program of the C panel is advanced. You can change passwords, make payments and look after other settings of your website and account very easily through the c panel.

You can get other apps from the dashboard. You can even have a preview of an application before installing it.

Customer Support

A2 hosting looks after the comfort and ease of the customers first and foremost.
A 24/7/375 days customer support is present for the help of the customers.

A2 hosting provides 24/7 support all year round through emails, live chat, and phone calls.

The experienced and skilled technicians have a wide range of knowledge in the technical field. They detect issues easily and solve them in a few seconds.

You can find all your answers. there. Even if you call or leave an SMS at 3 AM, you will get help there.

The customer support team calls you back real quick if not at that moment. The customer support staff is friendly, polite, and very helpful.

The users feel at ease talking to them. Twitter comments and reviews are high for the customer support team. They are always at the service of the customers of A2 hosting.

Money-back policy

Almost all the web hosting platforms give a 30-day money-back guarantee.A2 hosting being the user-friendly web host, offers an anytime money-back guarantee. You get a full refund within the first 30 days of payment.

If you find any issue with the performance of the web hosting services, you can cancel your subscription anytime and receive a full refund within 30 days.

If you cancel after 30 days, you will get a refund for the unused service.

Extra benefits with A2 Hosting

You get a subscription to the website magazine for free.

Your website gets listed on Google within a day attracting only A2 Hosting.

The users of A2 hosting even get discounts on WordPress themes.

A free contact email marketing trial is also available for the customers of the web hosting platform.

You get a bonus of $50 being or Yahoo at credits with A2 Hosting plans.
100 % carbon neutral work environment with A2 Hosting.

Easy sign-up process – you can sign up in A2 hosting with nearly three steps .A2 hosting comes with user-friendly tools to manage your website.

Your account gets activated instantly after signup.

Automatic installations.

Hosting plans

A2 Hosting offers hosting plans in 3 major types.

It has Shared hosting plans, Managed VPS, and Dedicated servers. You will get a wide range of options to choose from.

All the hosting plans have free site migrations, SSL certificates, CDN services, and amazing security features with super speed.
Let us get the details about the shared hosting plans-
Lite – the lite plan post 1 website with unlimited disk space and bandwidth at just 7.99 dollars per month.

You get access from 25 email accounts in the light plan. Discounts further lower the rate to 3.97 dollars.

Swift- the swift shared hosting plans offer to host an unlimited number of websites at 9.99 per month you can get unlimited disk space and bandwidth it offers limitless email accounts.

Discounts further lower the rate to $ 4.90.

The turbo boost plan- the turbo boost plan comes with turbo servers that increase the server speed by two times.

The plan offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The plan can host unlimited websites with various email accounts at just $ 4. 99 monthly.

The renewal rate for the plan is $20.99. The turbo plan offers automatic backups to the customers.

Turbo Max plan: the plan starts at $ 9.99 for a month. It offers to host unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The servers work 5times faster with the plan. Automatic backups are available with the turbo Max plan. The renewal rate for the plan is $25. 99 per month.

Shared hosting plans get all the features of SSD servers, customer support, C panel, and e-commerce at a reasonable price. They even get the privacy of the dedicated servers with the A2 shared hosting plans.

VPS hosting plans

The Virtual Private servers are popular among the growing business and websites with a lot of followers.

All the features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, c panel, security patches, and customer support are also available in the VPS hosting plans.

The VPS hosting plans offer two dedicated IP addresses, cloud flare CDN services, and a RAM ranging from 2048-to 4096 Mb.

Dedicated server hosting plans

It basically means you get your own server with the VPS hosting plan benefits. Dedicated servers are the need of large companies. it costs a bit more than the VPS server plans.

Flex dedicated server – it is recommended for developers and administration purposes. All year round 24/7 system monitoring and hardware scans are available with the flex dedicated server plans. It costs $ 99.59 on a monthly basis.

Managed Flex dedicated servers- you can get managed solutions for the web hosting problems with the plan.

All the technical aspects are managed by the IT team of A2 hosting. It also comes with a free C-panel for easy management.

The plan also offers 2 CPU cores, 8 GB of Ram,10 TB monthly data transfers and 500GB hard drive space at $ 141/month.

Green choice

The web hosting platform A2 hosting partners with Carbonfund.org to reduce carbon emissions with future building programs.

It is commendable that A2 hosting has been 100 % carbon-free since 2007. It also supports reforestation.

No free Domain:
A2 Hosting does not provide the users free domains in any shared hosting plans. Many hosting platforms offer free domains for at least one year to the customers. But A2 Hosting even charges a fee for transferring or registering a Domain. $ 14. 95 is taken for .com extension . The renewal price for the domain extension is also $ 14. 95.

High Renewal Rates
A2 hosting has comparatively lower price rates for long-term hosting plans. It offers discounts at the starting sign-up. So the hosting plan rate drops lower to half of the original price. But the renewal rates of the hosting plans hit the customer real hard. It becomes 4 times what the customers signed up for in the first month.
Cancellation requests are necessary. You have to submit the cancellation request before 15 days of the renewal date. automatic renewals occur at A2 Hosting. So the customers are charged for the next renewal plan if they fail to submit the cancel request at billing@a2hosting.com. There are also no refunds available for the renewal plans.
A2 hosting does not support Plexum, HTMLDoc, PDFLib, MS SQL, or cold fusion.
No hosting plans are available for the windows server.
A2 hosting service has comparatively more expensive shared hosting plans than other web hosting platforms.


A2 hosting meets all the hosting needs of the customers. Speed, amazing uptime stats, and knowledgeable customer support staff 24/7 all year round are the best features of the web hosting service. Anytime money-back guarantee is a unique feature that attracts the users a lot. It is user-friendly. You can manage the website very easily through the advanced c panel of A2 hosting.

It doesn’t matter who you are- a fresher with new business ideas, a blog, or an experienced developer with heavy business affairs.

It will surely come to your aid to give you a perfect hosting experience. Comfort, super speed, security, and reliability.

We find all these in one- A2 hosting. It also makes a mark to conserve the environment with 100% carbon neutral emissions. So we can definitely say A2 hosting is a wise and noble choice for you.