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Shovan Ghoshal – My Story

I am a Digital Marketing Professional from India. I am by profession a Digital Marketing Service Provider and a Digital Marketing Trainer. Apart from it, I am a blogger and an affiliate marketer. My aim is very simple – I want everybody might get a chance of Employment according to their skills and talents. Because I always believe in skills. So, I choose this profession happily.

My journey was not easy. When I started, I didn’t have any idea about anything. Even I had no idea how to start Digital Marketing career. From my young ages I am a tech and gadget lover. So I depended on the internet mainly two platforms Google Search Engine and YouTube. Slowly I acquire some knowledge on the Digital Marketing. From my childhood I believe in one-thing that knowledge sharing can enrich you always. So I started sharing my knowledge with others.

Today I am doing the job of knowledge sharing about digital marketing, which is the main part of marketing now days. It is because this is a very fast growing industry today and one of the most successful upcoming industry too. If you are really interested to build your career on this digital marketing, it’s great place to you.

There are many so called institutions near you. I am not making any comment on how good or bad they are, rather I would prefer you to choose your favorite search engine like Google to find your requirement – why start digital marketing, how to start digital marketing, when to start it, how to earn from digital marketing etc. Remember one thing, if you really search your query, you will find the best answer.



“I consulted my idea with Mr. Shovan Ghoshal, and he helped me turn it into a profitable online business in a couple of months!”

Why Work With Me?

If you really want to do something new, you have to depend on yourself always. I am here to guide you on how to convert your idea into real profit. I am a Google Certified professional Digital Marketer. I guide lots of professionals to grow their lives on their passion. I can understand how to play my role strategically. If you really want to grow your business to the next level, you have to consult with me like a certified professional in this field.

I hope you know how many searches Google produces? Almost 92%. So you can have a real plan for your business. I am always taking care of statistics so that you can grow your business up to the mark always.

The beauty of online business development is to save time and money. It is a cost-effective way of business and has a high growth as well.

Hire me as your business coach and grow to the next level Think about your next level business planning with me. Learn the legitimate Digital Marketing Training from a Google Certified Professional and 5+ years of working experience in the same industry. 

Plan and grow together for ultimate growth. Join my masterclass to learn in-depth Digital Marketing, Business lead generation, Branding and so on. 

Apart from Business coaching, I personally coach Spoken English for Kids, Parents, and others, Basic Computer Training, Advanced Computer Training, Personality Development and so on. 


Professional Qualifications

I am Google and SEMRush Academy Certified Digital Marketing Professional and a Blogger. I personally take responsibility for business development through various Digital Marketing Channels like SEO, SEM, SMO, Content Marketing and so on.


  • Digital Marketing
  • English Language
  • Software and Troubleshooting


  • eCommerce Business
  • Web Design Development
  • Digital Marketing Services


  • Biva Technologies
  • Deal Your Passion
  • Learn O Earn

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