2020 is a great year for a digital marketing career. In the last decade, digital marketing has been growing massively. It is not because of the interest of people, but also for the need of almost every industry.

A digital marketing career is very similar to other professionals’ careers. Even in comparison with other professionals’ career growth, the digital marketing career is more promising. 

If you look back, you’ve seen the unemployment problem overall in any industry, where only a digital marketing career has some positive vibes. 

Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to work from home. According to research, many digital marketing professionals left their jobs and started their careers as home-based professionals. So, it is very true that a digital marketing career is more promising today.

Why choose digital marketing as a career?

In this decade the internet marketing career is very challenging too. It is because lots of skillful professionals are competing here. Digital marketing is a promising career path to students also. If you have gone through the recent statistics, you’ll find that this industry is rapidly moving. As a result of it, the data-driven marketing industry needs qualified professionals. 

Do you know how much scope you have in this industry? HUGE. The whole world is your marketplace. But if you know your marketplace, you will be happy. So, if you have skill and quality, you can work as a professional in this and coming decades. In a word, it has a long-term career prospect. 

On the other hand, if you are in search of a job just after finishing a degree, then digital marketing is probably the best option. As per industry demand, the scope of getting a job is more.  

Who Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Almost everybody who loves challenges and is able to learn new things can come into this industry. The online marketing industry has a wide range. So, almost everybody can come to this industry.

As we know that most job seekers are students, so firstly I must say that the students can choose a digital marketing career. See, the degree is not mandatory, but having proper knowledge about Digital marketing is required to choose it as a career. Academically minimum of 10+2 is better to start digital marketing for a career option. 

Apart from students, any kind of people of any age can choose digital marketing as their career option. There is no age required to start an online marketing career. 

Why Digital Marketing Is the Future

In the marketing genre, digital marketing is a promising future because of the following reasons.

  • It is more result-oriented
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Vast marketplace
  • On-demand marketing
  • Revenue Sharing platform

Thus, digital marketing has a good future opportunity. 99% of business is coming online within a couple of years. So, you can understand how important your scope is here! 

What Skills are Required to excel in this field?

Online marketing is a dynamic industry, so there is no such skill important. However, one thing is important and that is patience and ongoing study. Online marketing is also known as data-driven marketing, so, you can understand you have to study regularly. 

You may be wondering what to study? Most importantly, you have to be familiar with the search engine algorithm updates. If you want to make a career in it, you have to always study these three things.

  1. Search Engine Algorithm Update
  2. Social Media Algorithm Update
  3. Marketing Trends

Other skills may be there but as per my personal knowledge and experience, I suggested these things altogether. Remember that digital marketing is a continuously developing industry. 

What you learn in Digital Marketing to Boost your Career

This is another most obvious question today. Remember one thing digital marketing has lots of wings so, you can excel in your career in multiple ways.

Here are some common things which you can learn in digital marketing.

Keyword Research

Whatever the industry it is, keyword research is the foundation of every online business. To rank your business, you have to continuously work on it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the most important term in digital marketing. If you want to grow your website organically, you have to continually work on SEO. Remember, your SEO practices will be automatically different according to the search engine algorithm update. Thus, you have to familiar with the latest algorithm update like Google Algorithm Update. 

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media is next to important in branding. Another amazing thing about social media is, it also sends huge traffic to your business. Even, social media can make your business or content viral within a couple of seconds. So, social media is treated is one of the major ranking signals in this decade.

Content Writing

Content is the primary object in online. So, in digital marketing, content writing has no substitute. There are lots of contents are available. These are blogs, articles, infographics, videos, etc. Even in this decade, the most popular content term is a vlog.

Content Marketing

After producing powerful content, content promotion is next to important. You have to choose the ideal platform to share your content. Never forget your content marketing strategy is a game-changer in this era.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is another most important and strongest method of marketing. To grab the position in search engine result pages or SERPs the SEM has no alternatives. You can easily able to generate lead through Search Engine Marketing too.

Social Media Marketing

Apart from social media optimization, social media marketing is another game-changer. You can drive tons of quality inbound traffic to your business using SMM. In this decade it is going to be the best practice of branding too.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another most important and highly demanding conversion rate changer. You can easily increase your CTR through the email marketing strategy. The beauty of email marketing is its inbound and opt-in methodology.


Blogging is the most famous and genuine platform to share knowledge and drive quality organic traffic to your business. Today according to the business perspective, blogging is used to increase the knowledge of the customer. Even blogging is another platform to them who what to work from home.

Video Promotion

This decade is more famous for visual presentation. We all know that people spend their time watching videos. So, producing videos and promoting the videos are the primary digital marketing career goals in this era.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is most popular today. Affiliate marketing is mainly the platform of revenue sharing, so, you can easily earn passively after getting knowledge of it.

Website design and development

The website is very important today. For every online business, a website is very important. So, in a digital marketing career website, design and development have a good prospect too.

E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is nothing but an online store of a product (physical or digital). Ecommerce business has also a good perspective today. It is the most important digital marketing skill because you have to learn from how to target the audience to sell a product online.


Freelancing is nothing but to showcase your skill and become your own boss yourself. There are lots of jobs available which one can target according to their skill. Even if you look around lots of companies run their bread and butter from freelancing mainly. Freelancing is the best option for them who want to work from home.

Apart from the above, there are some skills one person learn from digital marketing. One of such kind of thing is remarketing. Today, to target the real customer, remarketing is the most common practice too.

Is Digital Marketing Training important?

Yes. To stay in the digital marketing industry, one candidate is needed training. Remember one thing, training boosts the necessary skills to make ready for any industry.

Getting rid of the orthodox methods of training, digital marketing training is more versatile and you can find lots of opportunities here.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing career has a bright prospect in this present and upcoming decade. The continuation and dedication are the keys here in this industry. Anybody can excel in this industry. digital marketing is more result-oriented, so this industry showcases an opportunity to open doors to worldwide. As per my personal opinion, the digital marketing career is very crucial and essential in 2020 and later.