Digital Marketing Jobs: The Fastest Growing Career in 2021. Choosing a career path is not easy enough. Many people lost themselves in this daunting process. If you want to excel your career with your passion, you can develop your career in digital marketing. 

Digital marketing career is not the ultimate solution. Rather you can choose this for various golden opportunities. 

The dynamic opportunities with the brightest outlook in digital marketing career in this era attracts many. 

So to build an easy to challenging and positive career in 2021, digital marketing will be a great option. 

You may ask why?

Let’s see. 

There are certain reasons that might let you know why digital marketing career is a craze in 2021?

Digital marketing jobs are continually evolving. 

Career and job are almost synonymous. Every day many new opportunities are opening regarding digital marketing jobs. Even the different fields are included herein digital marketing. A professional like a digital marketing manager has to discover the online marketing trends for the industry he is working for.  

Not only the career opportunity in digital marketing, the ever changing intent (user) encompases the skill faster in comparison with any traditional industry (almost). With due respect to all other industries, the scope of getting a job is comparatively easier in the digital marketing field.   

Digital marketing brings an evergreen learning requirement because almost everyday the search engines update their algorithm to provide the best answer. 

If you think about the role of a digital marketing manager for a while, you’ll understand that the digital marketing manager along with the entire marketing team altogether works to establish a strategy against any specific query. 

Digital marketing job role and Future

2020 taught us lots of things. People trust online services and products. So as a result lots of small, medium and large industry brings their business online first. You may compare between traditional and digital marketing jobs. You’ll be amazed to know that digital marketing jobs are rising today. 

Look at a very simple example. Every industry requires marketing. In this data driven era, the marketing diction has changed to online instead of offline. 

Data-driven marketing has many benefits. 

  • Cost effective and budget friendly.
  • Target specific audience (visitor)
  • Real-time audience visitor tracking.
  • Business analytics with business goal setup.
  • Easy to build communication and empathy. 
  • Equally benefited for any industry and 
  • More.

Hope have you got why digital marketing is immensely spreading!

According to Latest job search (mainly at the time of covid-19 pandemic) people search home based jobs on Google. Almost 83% jobs are digital marketing related. 

Most small, medium and large industry search digital marketing specialists who can easily manage business growth exclusively with branding, social media, SEO, SEM, email marketing and more. 

If you want to start excelling your career with the digital marketing job role, you must understand the keys of online marketing. Such online marketing key skills are –

SEO or search engine optimization

Ranking high in Google or any search engine is undoubtedly a dream. SEO helps to rank higher and bring organic traffic. Almost every industry depends on SEO to bring quality traffic organically. 

You may want to know how SEO works!

The key of SEO is keywords. Keywords are the search terms or query that you (searchers) type in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more to get relevant answers. 

Now after searching with your keywords, you’ll get lots of results before you (SERPs). The result comes without an ad and map or any product snippet is the organic result. 

Look at the image below. 

To rank your keywords with your website organically is the job role of SEO professional. 

Not only keyword ranking, but to outreach the content of your website to the right audience, SEO has no alternative. 

Due to immense growth today SEO is treated as a specialized industry in digital marketing. The average starting salary of a search engine optimization specialist is around 20-30k/month. (approx). On average an SEO expert earns around 65k/month in India. 

Content Writing

You can’t think of the internet without content. Whatever you get after any search is content. Once the legend Bill Gates said “Content is King”. Still today the content is the most important segment. 

You probably know that content is required for websites, social media, search or display ad copy, ebook, video and more. Even infographics are the most important and famous content type today. 

Now I’ll come to the demand for a content writing career. It is simply outstanding. Day by day the demand for content writing is growing. Today almost every digital marketing job role, the content is one of the most vital parts.

Content writing career is also very important today. If you search in Google for content writing jobs, you’ll see the opportunity and opening for the content writing job. 

To excel your career as a content writing professional, you must follow the followings:

  • Uniqueness
  • Grammatically correct
  • Cover user (search) intent
  • Simple sentence
  • Interactive methodology
  • Plagiarism free and
  • Good readability

Today content writing is popularly treated as an independent industry. The starting salary for a content writing job is around 25-30k per month. A good content writer can earn INR 70k/mo on average. 

Content Marketing

Digital marketing careers are dynamic. Content marketing is one of them. To build a career in digital marketing, one should know content marketing well enough. 

The term content marketing means to outreach the content to the right audience. Along with it, the content marketing helps to improve conversion rate. 

Apparently the content writing and content marketing seems to be the same. But they are completely different. Content writing means preparation of a content or article and content marketing means to make that content viral with certain strategies. 

Content marketing professional follows the following guidelines.

  • Enticing title and meta description
  • Targeted audience
  • Audience demographic along with age. 
  • Mode of communication (email marketing is the best one)
  • Traffic analysis, exit rate and bounce rate and
  • More. 

Today the content marketing career is one of the brightest career options in digital marketing. It is gradually becoming an important industry. 

The average salary of a content marketing expert is around 55-75k/month. 

Social Media

The best communication channel is social media. Social media is one of the most important digital marketing job roles. 

In 2021, social media marketing is a boom. From branding to communication development, social media is the number one channel. 

Social media manager job role is one of the most popular and vital for online marketing scenarios. 

From the past decade, the social media manager jobs have been increasing. Almost every organisation requires social traffic. You know social signals are important for ranking. 

Social media managers basically focus on the following. 

  • Branding
  • Viral content strategy
  • Engaging posts (graphics)
  • Opinion polls
  • Buyer persona and
  • More.

The starting salary of a social media professional is around 28k/month. Digital marketing career without social media is impossible. 

Email marketing

Do you know email marketing is the fastest way to increase conversion rate? You can use email opt-in to reach the ideal customer and can build communication. 

In this era, email marketing is the most important part for digital marketing strategists. Even many SMEs use email marketing to build awareness along with branding. 

Look at the 5 important email marketing benefits. 

  • Best for Branding
  • Reach to ideal audience
  • Best channel for conversion
  • Increase sales with a single click.
  • Easy communication and interaction with customers. 
  • Best channel for after sales and
  • More.

The demand of email marketing easily makes a permanent job opportunity for email marketing professionals. Email marketing professionals generally start getting around 35k/month (beginner). 

SEM and Advertisement

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It is the process to bring paid traffic to your business. SEM is one of the most important parts in online marketing. 

Generally PPC or pay per click experts have huge demand in this era. PPC experts set campaigns to bring the right traffic to your business through search engines, social media and other channels. 

SEM managers set campaigns with the trending keywords of their (targeted) industry. In comparison with SEO, SEM is the faster way to get traffic to business. 

Advertising is the most important segment in online marketing. Advertisers attract prospects with the right product or service globally through various channels. Advertisers have a basic goal to reach the right audience with the right product or service that he/she requires. 

Advertisement is the best outlet of SEM. In this era, most online marketing professionals use SEM and SMM (social media marketing) and Advertising to gain business profit. Remarketing and retargeting are two most important weapons in SEM and SMM. 

SEM has the following benefits:

  • Rank higher in Search Engine like Google within a couple of hours. 
  • Easy to target the exact audience. 
  • Avoid unwanted buyers with negative keywords. 
  • Build branding and communication. 
  • Chance of remarketing and retargeting. 

Basically the PPC experts get good salaries because they are closely related to digital sales. According to research the starting salary of a PPC expert is around 40k/month in India.  

Apart from the others, there are other important digital marketing career segments. Some of them are:

  • Copywriting
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Designing and 
  • More. 


A digital marketing career is diversional. Anyone can get digital marketing jobs. The job scopes are huge as well in 2021. Showcase your digital skills and establish your career here. The versatility and huge scopes help your career growth in online marketing.