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WP Engine is one of the most popular Web Hosting companies in the world. Many professionals use this for almost every type of business.

They turned their full attention to WordPress site hosting and also proved their excellence in the field.

WP Engine definitely earned stem cells a reputation for being the specialist managed hosting provider for WordPress sites.

The web hosting platform provides excellent hosting performance with guaranteed uptime advanced hosting features and various security patches.

Of course, there are cheaper hosting platforms available in the market but the fast and secured WordPress hosting that this offers is nowhere near to their services.

The hosting platform looks after downtime internet security and loading Speed.

WP Engine excels in all these three main fields that we need for an online business or website.

The advanced servers of the above web hosting provide High tech security to WordPress sites and give automatic updates of plugins.

They have dedicated servers that load pages faster.

There are specific advanced tools that optimize servers as well as benefit the customers. Various things come in handy with the wp-engine.

We can definitely say that their service is totally worth the money. Let us look at the various features of WP Engine which make web hosting easy for a user.

Here in this article, I am going to review WP Engine to help you to choose the best within your budget.

WP Engine Provides Quality Security

The USP of the above multipurpose hosting service is the advanced security that they provide to all the WordPress sites.

It ensures daily scanning of the websites. The hosting platform offers protection against SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks, and foreign viruses.

Sucuri, a popular web security company, partners with WP engine to identify and block other malicious attacks and viruses.

The latest firewall and daily updates eliminate the risks. It also maintains and secures the WordPress sites.

This budget-friendly WordPress hosting also presents a minor on security. The web hosts set up certain guidelines and requirements for developers and engineers to further ensure safety for the site.

Even this managed WordPress hosting gives free cleanup if a side is hacked.

Get Instant Backup & Restore with

The managed hosting platform offers regular backup of the sites. The users do not have to worry about backing up their sites.

All the sites are backed up automatically every day by WP Engine. You can even opt for manual backups. It all depends on you.

You can very easily restore your site with a click. One-click Restoration process and installation are available at WP Engine. The web hosting provider surely gives the users a hassle-free experience.

Loading speed is Another Important Factor

We always want the fastest loading speed for our website. We do not want to keep our customers or visitors waiting. Speed is very essential to excel in online business.

WP Engine is a pro in this department. The advanced NGINX extensions, built-in CDN ( Content Delivery Network), and SSD feature load the pages faster.

The in-built EverCache system also helps this cheap WP Hosting in optimizing the servers and loading the page faster.

The NGINX extension identifies human requests.

It chooses human requests over robots in a way balancing the load on a page.

The CDN feature helps in optimizing traffic.

The network infrastructure of the wp-engine is spread across the world there are various data centres around the globe.

It sends the site contents to the visitors from locations geographically near to the target audience.

This boosts the site speed and reduces the further load on the servers.

24/7 Customer support is Another Factor

The customer support staff is easily available to the users. You can connect to the customer support team for queries and help through
chat services ( 6 am – 8 pm CET )
Toll-free phone support for business hours.

You can even reach customer support through email all day long.

The customer support staff is very helpful. On average the members of the customer support team responded within 3 minutes.

Trained and specialized technicians of WP Engine and look after the specific problems of each user and easily solve the issues within minutes.

WP engine has been the favourite among users for years now. Users have given 97% satisfactory ratings to customer support.

The online portal of the web hosting provider has helpful documents, user manuals and other information about the management of the web hosting service.

Lots of tutorials updates and articles are also available.

You can get step by step details in launching a website as well as solutions for troubleshooting all in the official portal.

You can solve your problems yourself through these resources. you do not have to rush anywhere.

Delivers Superb Uptime

This cheap managed hosting delivers top-class performance. It guarantees 99.95% uptime to its users.

The stats say users experience four and half hours of downtime in a year with the web hosting platform.

You can even increase your uptime to 99.99% with the help of enhanced s l a.

It can cut down the downtime to an hour for a year.

No other hosting platform delivers such an amazing performance as WP Engine.

The managed hosting giants even guarantee the users compensation in the form of hosting credits if the uptime falls below their guaranteed quotations.

Additionally Free SSL certificates

WP Engine along with many other hosting services gives the users free SSL certificates. But do you know what SSL is? Why is it so important?

To answer that let us start with the term SSL. SSL chance for Secure Socket Layer. It is generally a security feature with encryptions.

In this web world, it is very important to protect our data from alien parties and frauds. SSL makes sure that data is not entered, accepted, or read by an unknown person.

The set of rules or instructions (SSL) that binds your server and user browser while sending or receiving any data.

SSL certificate identifies the organization or party with a domain name, server, hostname.

It makes sure of the originality of the person or organization with whom you share files. It is a necessity to make your site secure.

SSL certificates determine whether a website is HTTPS or not. HTTPS ensures extra security to a site. SSL certificates have more


Google ranks the websites with SSL certificates at the top in their search engine system. As a result the ranking of your side increases.

Your customers trust your site more thus marking more views on your website and engaging more business.

Every plan under WP Engine has automated SSL certificates. It acts as an added layer of security to WordPress sites.

A staging Environment

The managed hosting provider gives the user the development and staging environment with no extra charges.

A staging site is a replica of your original website which is not live with your audience. It gives you an area where you can test new themes, plugins and layouts before finalising it for the real website.

Other web hosts like SiteGround offer the users a staging area only for the higher pricing plans. On the other hand, the WP engine gives a staging site to the users on all their hosting plans for free.

You can identify mistakes on the staging site and rectify them before the changes go public. This can save the business and website owners from embarrassment.

You can try multiple times to create a better website and a better version of your business.

How can you create a staging website?

Well WP engine makes it easy for the users to handle their accounts.

You can create a staging website with just one click.

Simply go to the WP Engine online website > login to your account then click on the “staging” area from the control panel.

This way you can set up a staging environment easily and quickly.

Easy Site migration:

Site migration can get hectic for the users of other web hosting platforms. Here, at WP Engine, you can migrate your site very easily.

You do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the migration process.

The WP migration plugins available at the web hosting platform, migrate your site and carry all the imports from the previous website to the WP engine.

They even replace domain values and ensure you are tension free site migration.


The users do not need any third-party app for installing WordPress.

This best-managed hosting platform comes with WordPress already installed with it.

WP engine offers the users access to over 55,000 WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Classic Editor as well as other free WordPress plugins.

Free access to CDN services is available for all the hosting plans. Users can get faster downloading speed even in traffic through the CDN feature.

With a single click, you can transfer large amounts of data to various parts of the world free with WP Engine hosting plans.

Hosting plans & Pricing

A lot has been said about the high pricing for the best web hosting for WordPress. We can find other hosting providers at cheaper rates.

Why pay so much for WP Engine?

Well, you are still questioning that. Let me say it again. WP Engine is a specialist in WordPress site hosting.

We are definitely paying for the stunning speed, advanced security and tension-free hosting experience here.

The web hosting platform offers the customers three types of hosting plans- the Startup plan, the Growth plan and the Scale plan.

There is an additional custom plan available for the customers.

Let us discuss the benefits of each plan.


The most basic plan in the WP engine is the startup plan.

If you have a small blog or website with some thousand visitors, you should definitely go for this plan starting at $35 per month.

It supports one site. The plan offers 25,000 visits on the website monthly.

The plan comes with 10 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth per month.

The users get an annual discount if they opt for the annual package.

The users can save $60 dollars or get free service worth two months with Annual pay.


The plan is great for expanding websites and businesses.

With the increasing number of visitors and heavy load on the website, you can opt for the growth plan to get smooth performance.

The growth plan can support up to 10 sites.

With 20 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth, the plan allows 100,000 visits monthly.

The plan comes with 24 ×7 customer support and all-time chat support for any issues.

You can get all this at 95 dollars per month.

You can save up to $230 or service worth two months free with annual billing


The best plan according to the WP Engine is the scale plan.

The plan charges 241 dollars from the customers per month.

It can support 30 websites. It allows for 400,000visits monthly.

It also offers 50 GB storage and 500 GB bandwidth per month.

Proper 24/7 chat and phone support for the customers is given along with the plan.

The annual prepaid building can save up to $580 or get service worth 2 months free.


The custom plan is very famous among large websites and business owners.

You can get millions of visitors, 30 websites, and 150 WordPress installations per month under the custom plan.

It allows over 400 Gb bandwidth.

The plan can offer up to 100 GB- 1 TB storage.

The plan is customized according to the needs of the business and website owners.

Thus you can also negotiate the billing price through sales representatives.

WP engine provides proprietary support to the customers in any case of a mishap.

WP engine also gives the users a 60-day money-back policy.

In case of any unsolved issues or poor performance, the customers can get their money back. You have to go to the online portal and cancel your subscription within 60days.

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Cons of WP Engine

It only focuses on WordPress sites.

It prioritizes the WordPress market and delivers excellent service in the department.

Linux and other non -WordPress sites so find other alternatives.

WP Engine does not offer email hosting or free domains.

Users have to go to other third-party references for domain registration or email account hosting.

Even comparatively high prices as well.

WP engine offers exceptional service and excels in WordPress site hosting.

So they charge pretty much for the service.

It often goes beyond the budget of the customers.

New website owners cannot afford WP Engine.

They choose to go for other budget-friendly web hosting platforms like Bluehost, SiteGround.

If The visitor’s count overlaps the plan’s visitor limit, charges are applicable at WP Engine.

When traffic spikes during peak business seasons or product launches, overage charges are taken from the customers.


Jason Coleen, Ben Metcalfe, and Cullen Wilson founded WP Engine in 2010. The premium hosting service for WordPress to the website has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the United States of America.

The advanced infrastructure serves over 500,000 customers. It is popular for its amazing performance in 120 countries.


It can be said very easily that if you own a small business or website, you can opt for other web hosting platforms available in the market.

The high pricing of WP Engine is also pointed out.

But we also have to definitely consider the hassle-free web hosting experience it gives us. The customers can concentrate on the website content or business.

We see 10 times faster scaling with WP Engine than other hosting providers.

As a user, you never have to worry about security, backups, cloud storage, site migration, etc.

With the advanced technical favours, Wp Engine gives us a super fast and secure web hosting experience which we can say is quite the best.

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