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I am Shovan Ghoshal. I’m an SEO Expert with over 6 years of experience. 

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SEO Proven Strategy:
100% Organic Growth

Higher ranking in search results depends on strategic SEO activities. Gets tons of quality leads and increases your conversion rate higher with your targeted audience, including demography. Get day-to-day SEO strategy, planning, and actions for your business growth.

Strategic and advanced SEO helps in branding and brings consistent growth. Our special trigger on Keyword Research to Keyword Mapping would help meet user intent and get tons of potential customers to your business organically. We have a dedicated SEO team for creating winning strategy for every business, irrespective of niche and industry size.


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Scale SEO Growth

Result Driven SEO

Get 100% Result Driven SEO that suits every business. Make an ideal SEO strategy that converts more. Attract tons of prospects organically towards your business. We are experts in Enterprise SEO, eCommerce SEO, Voice SEO, Local SEO, Multilingual SEO and more.   

Keyword Research

Generate 100% effective and evergreen organic growth with strategic Keyword Research. Align high-performing keywords with the website and landing pages to attract the right and targeted audience.

Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors for long-term business benefits. We conduct top-notch competitor analysis that aligns your SEO campaign strategy including their gap analysis and performance matrics. 

Content Gap

Ultimate benefits come when you fit all your competitors’ gaps. Our unique strategy ensures you create stunning content filling that gap and make you ahead of your competitors. With strategic content, you’ll dominate your industry.

result driven seo with shovan ghoshal
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Strategic ECommerce SEO

Optimize your online store using strategic eCommerce SEO. Bring tons of quality buyers and sell out at ease using organic traffic. Rank your eCommerce business higher amid competition using eCommerce SEO.

Product Description

Rank your product with an ideal product description. Use the right Keywords to describe your product and business value. Engaging product description using is highly demanding for organic growth. 

Product Image

Optimize every individual product image with a keyword using ‘img alt’ tags. Attract organic traffic and buyer to your online store. Make 10X more profit with effective ecommerce image optimization

SEO Activities

Make strong onpage and offpage SEO activities including keyword research for your online store. Outrank business ahead with effective and perfprmance driven SEO strategy and activities.

Global Enterprise SEO

Outrank your business using accurate global enterprise SEO. Use advanced SEO techniques to improve brand visibility and get tons of quality organic leads. Acquire standalone business growth using ideal enterprise SEO.

TItle and Meta Tags

Title tag and meta tags are two important identities that drives significant traffic to your enterprise business. Align your business goal with effective title and meta tags.

URL Structure

Clickable and SEO optimized URL is game changer. Users and crawlers prefer clean URL to navigate. Optimize URL with primary (focus) keyword and deliver productive outcome.

Content Optimization

Optimize content with primary keyword helps to meet user intent. Use proper ‘H’ (heading) tags with NLP, secondary keywords ensure your rankability higher. 

enterprise SEO with Shovan Ghoshal
local seo with Shovan Ghoshal

Innovative Local SEO

Optimize your business for localized search including Google Business Profile (Google My Business), Bing Places, Apple Maps and more with strategic Local SEO. Rank higher your business in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Places and more to enhance growth.

Unlimited Growth

Strategic and unlimited business growth comes with tailored local SEO that suits brand visibility and generates effective outcomes. Both ranking and delivering the best value meet customer needs.



Brand Visibility

Local SEO enhances brand visibility and ranks your business with “near me” keywords. Showcase your business to ideal people (and customers) “near you” and serves the best result.

Customer Review

Outreach to potential customers with strategic Local SEO. Increase next-level localized business growth including customer review to ensure local to global business hike using leverage local SEO strategy.

Viral YouTube SEO

Rank your video on YouTube with the right video SEO strategy. Find high-performing, right and effective keywords and tags to bring tons of visitors to your video. Gain subscribers with our viral Video SEO strategy.

Research Keywords

Keyword research is the most popular and first step in video SEO strategy. We bring the right keywords that align your video growth organically. Optimize your video content by embedding keywords in the title and description.

Effective Tags

Effective tags are a game changer. Tags help rank every video to the right audience and gain niche-driven subscribers. Get next-level YouYube channel growth organically. Outrank your competitor with our most dedicated and effective approach.

Thumbnail Optimizaton

Create and optimize stunning, attractive and clickable thumbnails to gain audiences’ attention. Enhance click-through rate (CTR) to the next level with effective thumbnails. Analyse YouTube channel growth with a combination of all above.

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ASO with shovan ghoshal

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Rank your Apps in Playstore and Appstore with effective and productive App Store Optimization. Position your Apps ahead of your competitors and ensure more downloads aligning the right keywords, and other parameters. 

Enhance Branding

ASO enhances branding that delivers effective results. Optimize your App with high-performing industry-lead keywords to meet user intent. Level up App download and register with effective ASO strategies with our expertise.

Genuine Review

Get 100% natural and accurate reviews and ratings for your app with effective app store optimization (ASO) strategy. Ensure tons of potential outreach and demand-based downloads triggering next-level business hikes.

Rule In-Store

Rule in-store using various evergreen and engaging strategies. Optimize ASO with the right keyword, URL, and subtitle, to rule over product pages. With catchy thumbnails, spotlight search (Apple), rank higher and ensure downloads.

Voice Search SEO

Rank your business for Voice search understanding device behaviour. Create 100% persona-oriented and compelling content that aligns with conversational keywords. We have a special guide to embed strategic FAQs for voice search optimization. 

Smart Technology

Over 60% of Smartphone users use voice search features to solve an instant problem. Reach a potential audience using conversational keywords. Meet your business goal with a strategic voice search to skyrocket to the next level.

Focus Multilingual

Rank your business in various languages and generate ultimate profit with voice search SEO. Embed effective long-tail, mid-tail and conversational keywords with your business in multi-language to reach potential audience.

Optimize GBP

GBP or Google Business Profile is highly effective for your business, Meet your business with your audience using unique voice search optimisation. Voice search in GBP enhances ideal outcome.

voice SEO with shovan ghoshal
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