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Make Money Online!

Making money online is very challenging today. Almost everyone has a keen dream to earn passive earning. Here I am for you. I’ll show you the exact methods that help you to generate a good amount of passive earning consistently.

Make Money Online

Generate 100% Passive Earning

affiliate marketing - shovan ghoshal

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is mainly revenue sharing method that generates tons of passive earning. Start affiliate programs to make money online.

cpa marketing- shovan ghoshal

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is a kind of Affiliate Marketing. It means Cost Per Action or Acquisition. Join various CPA Marketplace and start making money online.

dropshipping - shovan ghoshal

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is a popular ECommerce Business model. Earn money online using the passive earning method selling various products to the right people.

google adsense - shovan ghoshal

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to earn money passively. Follow Google’s guidelines and monetize websites and YouTube with AdSense.


Start to Make Money Online

start with a perfecct niche

Start with a Perfect Niche

100% Evergreen Method

Make Money online is almost everyone’s dream. As a result, you are here. If you want to generate passive income with consistency, you need to understand your niche well. Here, I’ll guide you in detail on how to choose the ideal niche, competition within that niche, why you need to choose that niche and how to monetize your niche! Our special method helps to pick the most suitable niche through which you can earn unlimited consistently.

get traffic to your business

Generate Traffic to Business

Unlimited Free Traffic

In every online business, traffic is always important. Only targeted traffic brings you business. I’ll teach you how to generate traffic for your blogging, affiliate, CPA, etc with various methods. I’ll teach you the evergreen methods through that you can generate tons of traffic to your business. Whatever the niche is, I’ll help you to generate free traffic along with some paid traffic. I’ll show you some easy techniques that bring traffic to your business.

earn money online with affiliate marketing

Niche Monetization

Get Paid with Passion

When you’ve found a perfect niche, you need to understand how to monetize your niche. I’ll guide every important step on how to monetize your niche. I’ll teach you the evergreen skills of Monetization with Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, and others as well. With our special methods, I’ll disclose how to generate your passive earning consistently. Become your own boss with 100% genuine and practical passive income tricks and tips.


Most Promising Career

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Grow your career with leverage and evergreen digital marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Make money online with 100% leverage and evergreen Affiliate Marketing. 



Start freelancing and be your own boss monetizing your skills.

100% Authentic

Why Shovan Ghoshal?


Google Certified Digital Marketer


Specialist in Content and SEO


Master in Organic Traffic


Successfully run Biva Technologies


Successfully handle various projects


100% Genuine Guidance


No Fake Promise to Make Money Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Affiliate Marketing genuine source of Earning?

YES! Affiliate Marketing is a 100% genuine source of earning. Affiliate Marketing is mainly revenue sharing business model. Both the Advertiser and Publisher meet in the marketplace to grow together. 

Is Digital Marketing a Long Term Career?

In this era, Digital Marketing is the most ideal career option. Not only for this era, but Digital Marketing is also always evergreen and long term business model that is important for almost every business. 

How to Make Money Online?

Make Money Online is always trending. There are various ways to make money online. Some of them are Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Freelancing, Drop Shipping, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Writing and more. 

Who can Start Make Money Online?

Anyone from anywhere at any age can start to make money online. The person must have a keen interest to earn money online. Along with it, the person must have some dedication and creativity as well. 

Ready to Earn Today!

Use my special methods to make money online through various sources. Become a successful Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, CPA Marketer, Digital Marketer, and many more.