How to Save Document in MS Word? How to use the saved file again? MS Word is the best office application software and is one of the most important text editors. Almost 90% of the computer operator uses this application.

MS Word has invented to meet the need of the people in a versatile way. The most importantly the Microsoft word is mainly an editorial software. Look at the list of what MS Word performs for us.

  • Edit
  • Compose
  • Format
  • Print

So, it is very true that MS word is a very necessary software in this era. Let’s see the steps on how to save a document in MS Word.

Remember, this step works almost every version of MS Word. So, if you are a new one, you can easily save the document easily using this method.

How to Save Document in MS Word – Using the Menu

Here is a very simple step, how to save a document in MS Word. Look the steps below:

Before that, you have to know the MS Word Window. Look at the picture below.

Now I shall guide you on how to save a document in MS Word. Follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the File Tab
  • Then go to the save option.
  • Choose the location where to save the document.
  • You can choose one drive or This Computer or browse the folder where you want to save the document.
  • Type a Filename and
  • Click on the Save Button.
  • The file is saved into your computer or cloud (if you use OneDrive)
  • You can see a different file name there.

The filename has three parts. The first part is the name given by you. Then

By default, the document will be saved in My Document or Document folder in your PC/Laptop. But you can save any folder you want. Even you can save the document on the desktop of your computer.

File after Saved

How to Save Document in MS Word – Using the Keyboard Shortcut

Follow the steps to save your document using the keyword shortcut.

  • First, go to your Word Document.
  • Press Ctrl+S
  • Choose the location where you want to save your file.
  • Type a filename
  • Click the save button or press enter.
  • You can get your filename there.

Save using the Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar

Save Word document using Quick Access Toolbar is very easy and convenient. Follow the steps carefully.

  • Click the save icon in the quick access toolbar.
  • write the filename or name you prefer.
  • Press enter or click on the Save button.
  • The file will be saved automatically.

Difference Between Save and Save As

Here is a little twist. Do you know what is the difference between Save and Save As?

More specifically we can say that using save command, you can save the file for one time.

But using Save As command, you can customize your save whether it is a file name or the location. In a word, Save as is used to modify your document and save for future use.

Sum up

In this article, I have covered How to Save Document in MS Word? I have discussed the easy ways to save a file using three methods. The first one is using File Tab, the next one is using the quick access toolbar and the last one is using shortcut keys like Ctrl+S command. I hope in this article I’ve covered the most important tips on how to save the document in MS Word. If you have any suggestions, advice or opinions, you can comment below.

FAQ on How to Save Document in MS Word

How to Save Documents in MS Word

To save a document in MS Word, you have to use three steps.
Use the File Tab
Use the Quick Access Toolbar
Press Ctrl+S

How to Save a document using File Tab

Click on File Tab
Go to Save Option
Choose the directory/location
Type a file name

What is the Shortcut key to Save a Document in MS Word


What is the difference between Save and Save As

Save is used to store a document for the first time.
Save As is used to customize your save. You can save the same document for multiple locations. Even you can save the document changing the file name.